100+ Best Hair Color Trends for 2023

The hair colors we've been seeing for 2019 are going to be game changers. Here are 100+ trends that will be everywhere this coming year. One look is inspired by none other than the Kardashians...and that’s just the beginning. Ready for a new look? Try these trending hair colors 2019 hair trends.

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TREND: Blackberry

Blackberry hair is a look folks loved in 2017, and we don't see any reason why the playful dark hue won't be around in 2019. This particular dye job, done by Maryland-based hairstylist Megan Schipani, has the obvious purple tones, but it also includes a little blue to give it some dimension.

While this blackberry shade is great if you have dark hair and want a little color, colorist Rachel Bodt notes that you still have to go lighter in order to achieve this hue. "When you are doing the dark purples, even though they are dark tones, [the hair] still needs to be lifted light enough so you can see the purple," she tells Allure.
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TREND: Hollywood Opal

Pastel, opalescent colors like this one are all over our Instagram Discover feeds. It's a nice update to all the unicorn dye jobs we saw in 2017, except color combos like this tend to fade far more gracefully. "The opal color is so beautiful and is great for someone who already has a double process and is looking to switch it up," says Bodt.
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