100+ Best Hair Color Trends for 2023

The hair colors we've been seeing for 2019 are going to be game changers. Here are 100+ trends that will be everywhere this coming year. One look is inspired by none other than the Kardashians...and that’s just the beginning. Ready for a new look? Try these trending hair colors 2019 hair trends.

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BRUNETTE: Dark Chocolate Hair

Meghan Markle makes a case for deep chocolatey hair that never goes out of style. At first glance her strands seem to be all one shade, but look closer and you'll notice some caramel highlights emphasizing her waves.
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BRUNETTE: Pops of Gold Hair

Keep your fall months warm by adding gold tones to your hair, a method that's ideal for those with darker complexions. “Warm tones with golden highlights are best,” says Kattia Solano, a hairstylist and found of Butterfly Studio Salon. "However, be sure to stay away from too much warmth or red tones, as you don’t want to wash out the skin’s natural glow.”
100+ Best Hair Color Trends for 2019 img 24