100+ Best Hair Color Trends for 2023

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TREND: Dirty Brunette

"Dirty brunette is a nice change for those who are normally cool or super warm," adds Capri. "It’s a perfect balance of both." Actress Jessica Biel keeps her neutral highlights looking natural with laid-back waves. Notice the how the kiss of lighter brown brightens up her complexion.
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TREND: Dark Blonde

There are so many perfect dark blonde shades trending right now, it's hard to pick a favorite. It's low-maintenance, pretty, and a great way to winterize your blonde hue. Beyoncé recently tried a version sometimes called "chocolate chip cookie hair." It's a combination of warm brunette hues and strategically-placed light pieces. And it only gets better as it grows out. Massachusetts-based colorist Amy McManus tells Allure, "as a [client's] roots keep coming in, the color gets more beautiful with depth up top and a dramatic dark-to-light feel."
100+ Best Hair Color Trends for 2019 img 52