100+ Best Hair Color Trends for 2023

The hair colors we've been seeing for 2019 are going to be game changers. Here are 100+ trends that will be everywhere this coming year. One look is inspired by none other than the Kardashians...and that’s just the beginning. Ready for a new look? Try these trending hair colors 2019 hair trends.

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RED: Strawberry Blonde Hair

Feeling a little pale? This trend is sure to illuminate your complexion and revitalize your look. "[Strawberry blonde] shades breathe life into lighter skin and can be custom-mixed by a colorist to pair with most skin tones," says Blum.
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RED: Really Ronze Hair

If you've noticed yourself looking a little tired lately, this shimmery color can light up your complexion. "Ronze is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown," says Papanikolas. If you love this look, here's a quick guide to getting the perfect shade for your skin tone.
100+ Best Hair Color Trends for 2019 img 24