100+ Best Hair Color Trends for 2023

The hair colors we've been seeing for 2019 are going to be game changers. Here are 100+ trends that will be everywhere this coming year. One look is inspired by none other than the Kardashians...and that’s just the beginning. Ready for a new look? Try these trending hair colors 2019 hair trends.

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TREND: Cold Brew Hair

Another way to boost your brunette hair is to follow one of the many coffee-tone trends. According to Blum, cold brew is when light undertones are carefully placed in the mid- and lower sections of the hair.
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TREND: Faded Pastel

Colorist Rachel Bodt loves the faded pastel hair trend because it's more of a wash of color, as opposed to a saturated pastel. "It's less of a commitment and looks just like a little blush on the hair," she explains. It's a hint or even a cast. Model Ariela Soares rocked a light-blue hue for the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 runway show.
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